5 Best Ways to Clean Your Dirty Sneakers for Men


Sneakers were basically designed for physical activities or workout. When you do lots of work out with your sneakers, then you sweat odor of feet increases.

These odors are so dangerous that it can cause your trainer to stay away from you. Whenever you go outside with that sneakers, people like to avoid you.

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Dirty sneakers for men are not looking good for a long time. You need to clean your sneakers shoes weekly or 2 times a week. This will make your feet and your sneakers shoes healthy.

How to clean sneakers for men?

Here you will know 5 best ways to clean your sneaker shoes. Collect some items for cleaning of sneakers like washing powder (suitable for your sneaker fabric), soft bristle brush, suede eraser and baking soda.

1. Clean it with washing powder

Washing powder is made for cleaning of clothes stains and dirt. Take care while washing sneakers with washing powder. Check the recommended washing tips on the back of sneaker shoe box. Use washing powder to clean with a soft bristle brush.

2. Clean it with peanut butter

Most of you don’t know peanut butter can remove the stains and hard dirt from the plastics of sneakers. It also gives fresh and new life to sneakers. It will make your shoes shining.

3. Clean it with Suede Eraser

Suede erasers are perfect for quickly removing the stains and dirt from the sneakers. Suede erasers are specially designed for cleaning of shoes without lots of efforts. Add washing liquid inside suede eraser and wash it.

4. Sprinkle Baking Soda

Add baking soda into the sneakers after drying it with paper towels and enclosed it in the box. Baking soda will remove the odors.


Clean sneakers not only make your feet healthy, but it also makes your personality healthy. Shop a 2 pair of sneakers and use it alternate days. This will decrease your cleaning works. Stay active and pleasant smelling person during workout also.