5 Popular Types Men Formal Dress Shoes for Business Meetings


Men formal dress shoes are very popular with formal dresses like business suits, party wears and jeans. Shoes are one of the most important fashion wears. Your personality is firstly judged by your shoes.

Somewhere it’s important to look smart and gentlemen. A salesperson has to look smart in front of their customers so they like to wear formal dress with men formal dress shoes.

Today you will be know about 5 popular types of men formal dress shoes.

These five types of popular formal shoes are

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1.Oxfords formal shoes

These classy look formal shoes are mostly come in color of black and brown. You can wear this shoes with business suits, but avoid with jeans.


2.Derby Formal Shoes

These shoes are mostly similar to Oxford but there is a difference in laces. Derby shoes have very stylish laces with some other designs. Derby shoes can be worn with jeans, sports coats and casual shorts.


3. Loafers Formal Shoes

These shoes are very popular and also known as lace less shoes. Learn more about the types of loafers. Loafers looks amazing with casual and dress pants.


4.Cap Toes Formal Shoes

These shoes have an extra layer of leather in front. These shoes are suitable with dress suits, casuals and jeans.


5.Wingtips Formal Shoes

These shoes front tips are in the shape of wings. These shoes are suitable with dress suits and casual pants.



Shoes play a very important role in overall men personality. Formal shoes are all rounder shoes because you can wear it dress pants, casual pants and even with jeans.

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