3 Popular Designer Espadrilles and Sandals for Women


Espadrilles are also known as espardenyes. They are mostly casual,flat and sometime high heeled shoes. Espadrilles upper parts are made of cotton fabric and lower sole made of jute rope.Espadrilles and sandals are very flexible and comfortable.

Espadrilles and sandals were invented in France about 4000 years ago by peasants of Europe continent. Due to its comfort and flexibility, these sandals are still alive fashion for women & kids.

Espadrilles and sandals are new trending fashion wear for women and kids. Most people like to wear the ancient espadrilles and sandals.

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Let’s take a look on 3 popular designer espadrilles and sandals for women.

1. The Hybrid Espadrille

These types of sandals have synthetic sole and lining. These types of espadrilles are popular with kids and girls.

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2. The Ethos Espadrille

These types of sandals are popular with women for its various colors and designs.

3. The Hipster Espadrille

pagiono-italia-hipster-espadrillesOne of the most popular designs of espadrille. These designs of sandals are popular in women and kids.

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