How to Enhance the Life of Leather Shoes for Men


Shoes play a awfully vital role in complete personality, especially formal leather shoes for men. Just imagine your personality without gorgeous black and brown formal leather shoes.

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Many of you shop leather formal shoes from the market and after six or seven months, you start complaining about your shoes. After six or seven months your leather shoes started to tear or get cracking. You need to visit the shop of cobbler for making it again running.

We got a solution of this biggest problem in men & women fashion. Here you will come to know that

How to enhance the life of leather shoes for men?

How to take care of our shoes?

We people of the world most likely to wear formal black and brown shoes in parties, functions, meetings and offices.

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These precautions and leather shoe safety manual guidelines will help you to extend the life of leather shoes.

  1. Don’t keep your shoes in shoe paper boxes because it will harm the material. Keep your shoes on a shoe rack.
  2. Never wear a formal leather shoe on all seven days of the week. Give some relaxation to your shoes also. At least give them rest for not less than 2 days.
  3. Apply leather shoes cream on shoes with newspaper or cloth. Apply the shoe cream completely, it will soak the water and other dirt particles.
  4. Never leave your leather shoes wet, immediately clean it with newspaper and after cleaning it don’t expose your shoes in heat for a longer time.
  5. Polish your shoes regularly and take care of shoes while jumping and doing other physical activities.