5 Kind of Comfortable Slippers & Flip Flops for Men & Women



Slippers are very comfortable and light shoes that are easy to wear. Slippers are mostly preferred to be used indoors,most probably inside the house. Nowadays women like to wear designer and fashionable sneakers in parties and outings.

Let’s check out 5 kinds of comfortable slippers & flip flops for men & women. These names and type most of you don’t know. Take a look on these kinds of slippers.

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Open Heel Slippers & Flip flops


Open-heel slippers are sometimes created with a fabric cloth that encloses the highest of the foot and also the toes, however leaves the heel open. These types of slippers are usually distributed in costly hotels, enclosed with the price of the area.

Closed Slippers


Closed slippers are slippers with a heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out.

Slippers Boots


Slipper boots are slippers meant to seem like boots. Usually favored by ladies, they’re usually hairy boots with a fleece or soft lining, and a soft rubber sole. Modelled once sheepskin boots, they will be worn outside.

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Sandal Slippers


Sandal slippers are cushioned sandals with soft rubber or fabric soles.

Evening Slippers


Evening slipper is fabricated from velvet with animal skin soles and options a material bow or the wearer’s initials adorned in gold.