5 Most Important Rules of Formal Shoes for Men to Look Smart


Formal Shoes are all rounder footwear. You can wear these shoes with trouser, suits, pants and jeans. But it looks good with business suits. Formal shoes are classified on color, toe style, heels and leather.

The online shopping market is full of shoes, sneakers, loafers and sandals, but mostly buyer like to shop formal shoes.

Formal shoes are ideal for business meetings, office functions and marriages. Here we talked a lot about formal shoes, now it’s time to know the rules or guidelines of formal shoes to look smart.

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1.Always Wear Right Type of Formal Shoes

Always wear the right shoes according to your function, occasions and of course budget. Never try to jump on high branded and expensive formal shoes. Choose one pair which is matched with your dress.

2. Choose Color of Formal Shoes Matching with Belt

Yes, most of you don’t take it seriously, but always wear formal shoes which match with your belt. For example, when you are wearing a black belt then wear black formal shoes and respectively for other colors.

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3. Shop Good Quality Shoes

The most important rule of formal shoes is wearing good quality formal shoes. Quality matters a lot when we talk about life and look of formal shoes.

4.Wear Fit and Comfortable Formal Shoes

Always wear fit and comfortable formal shoes. Don’t compromise with your style and look when it comes to size of shoes. Wear fit and comfortable shoes with matching color belts.

5.Always Take Care of Your Shoes

Taking care of formal shoes for men is very necessary. Always polish your shoes with leather polish and make it safe from heat and water.

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