7 Fashionable Different Kinds of Sneakers for Men & Women


Sneakers are most popular with both men and women. Sneakers were earlier designed for sports and other physical activities, but later on, this becomes a new fashion. Sneakers  look dashing with jeans.

At parties and outing, men & women like to wear sneakers and it’s truly looks amazing. Sneakers were primarily designed for sports that’s why it gives the more comfort. Sneakers have a long life as compared to shoes.

Do you know about the different kinds of sneakers?

Here we are going to share the different kinds of sneakers for men & women. Let’s begin the tour here.

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1. High-tops cover the ankle 


2. Low-tops or oxfords do not cover the ankle.


3. Mid-cut sneakers are in-between high-tops and low-tops



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4. Sneaker boots extend to the calf



5. Slip-ons like low-tops/oxfords do not cover the ankle and don’t have laces.


6. Low-top CVO (Circular Vamp Oxford) like low-tops do not cover the ankle but unlike low-tops


7. Have a vamp in a circular form and typically 4 to 5 eyelets.


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